September 22, 2018

Taeneron  Tobias Roetsch

Back in 2012 we at 3rd Millennium were looking for a dramatic image to splash across our webpage.  We were looking for something that evoked a change, or renaissance, or feeling of "new".  Then we came across the iconic image "The Rise of A Planet".  We found that it was created by a young German multi-disciplined artist and graphic designer named Tobias Roetsch (aka taeneron).  After some friendly dialogue and the exchange of "more than a few euros", we were able to get exclusive license to use this image for our use in insurance, risk management and finance.

Since that time many people have asked about the image.  "What is it".  "What does it mean?"  "How did the artist do it?"  "Why did he do it?".  We are essentially insurance brokers and were unable to address any of these questions so we asked the artist to talk to us about the image.   His comments are below.

"It started with a photo that I made on my first trip with my cam. But soon I recognized that this photo doesn't fit in right. And instead of deleting it, I created a new, a black, layer. And then just playing around with with photoshop. The clouds are really confusing and a mixture of many cloud photos and some brushwork.

I know that this pic lacks of quality but it's one of my first space pics every and it's my most famous one.

The image was created in 2006. I was in my early days as artist and everything was a huge experiment. I remember I had a different plan for the landscape (city and mountains), but I wasn't satisfied by the result. Solution was to fill the entire area with black. I already had the clouds in the back and liked the contrast of the black foreground and bright cloudy background. So I decided to add some grass and the tree, and as a special, the rising planet. Initially the planet was planned way smaller but as I failed to come up with a decent foreground I had to change my concept. So you see: the creating process was kind of random but that's what art is about as well, isn't it? I'm not sure if this "story" is what you were looking for.

My mood back then (as much as today) played an important role when it comes to colors and the feeling of the image. A hard time in my life was over, which could be standing for the dark mood and colors. But the time was over. New (and better) things are going to happen. The Planet could represent them (it IS supposed to be a rising and not a setting planet). But these are my very personal feelings about the picture. It could mean something totally different to you or to everone else."


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