Longevity - Created in 1994, 3rd Millennium Insurance & Financial Services, has emerged as the premier minority-owned commercial insurance broker operating in the south. It has now been in continuous operation with stable ownership for a period spanning three decades.

Regional Scope - With company headquarters in New Orleans, and offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, 3rd Millennium serves thousands of clients in the areas where licensed, specifically; Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

Diverse Experience - Since its inception, 3rd Millennium has provided insurance services to a diverse array of commercial, non-profit and public entity clients. These clients have included entire municipalities, state agencies, regional head start organizations, collegiate athletic conferences, national record companies, as well as, one man contractor firms, single attorney law firms, and home based reading tutors. Unlike some others, 3rd Millennium, from its very beginning, was committed to serving the needs of all facets of the community. From the macro risk to the micro risk, and across various economic, ethnic, and gender strata, 3rd Millennium has always been available to meet insurance needs.

Knowledge - To stay competitive against major national and international insurance organizations, 3rd Millennium has determined that cultivating a professional staff from a variety of financial disciplines is a must. Our staff is comprised of MBA's, accountants, finance professionals, and real estate professionals. Though small by insurance industry standards, with only slightly less than a dozen licensed, in house staff, 3rd Millennium nevertheless has used cutting edge technology and innovative product design and utilization to create winning solutions.

Culture of Excellence - With a true commitment to its profession and an appreciation for the resources and abilities of our competition, 3rd Millennium has developed a company culture which compels us to do the best job we can. The company has always sought to provide an unassailable product with respect to price benefit mix.

Accessibility - 3rd Millennium's officers and staff can be contacted 24 hrs a day.